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The following is for basic information purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice.  

Every case is unique and you should consult with an attorney as to your particular circumstance.

If you find yourself charged with a crime, get a lawyer right away.  Prosecution starts with the arrest, so should the defense.

Other than giving your true name and identifying data to law enforcement, mind your mouth.  If you don't talk, you might walk.

Arguing and negotiating with law enforcement is dangerous.  If law enforcement lies to you, it is called "investigative technique."  If you lie to law enforcement, it is called "obstruction."

Be honest with your lawyer who is your advocate.  Forgetting or omitting key information will hurt you, not the lawyer. Remember, regardless of what goes down in court, your lawyer is going home that night, while you may go away on a 'state vacation'.

Do not be afraid of a jury trial.  Jurors generally get it right.  Do heed your lawyers advice in regard to a plea offer.  The decision for a plea deal is yours.

Those charged with DUI:     If you do not take the state "chemical" test of blood, breath or urine, you may lose your license but perhaps not lose your freedom.  You do not have to take any field sobriety evaluations (road side tests such as walk and turn, one leg stand, etc.)  Just politely decline the offer.   And remember, you may (and probably are) on camera.

Do not post anything on social media that you would be ashamed for your mother to see.