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How should I dress for court?

     Like you are attending your best friend's wedding or funeral.  

     Men:  Suit is best, sportcoat is second, button up shirt always.  If you are a grown man, wear a tie.  If you don't have one or don't know how to tie it, now is the time to get one and learn.  No blue jeans, no visible tattoos, no earrings or other facial jewelry.  If you come to court wearing a hat, you probably deserve to lose.

     Women:  Keep it classy and watch how low the shirt goes and how high the hemline is.  Some makeup is good but not too much.  Keep jewelry simple.  No blue jeans, no visible tattoos, no nose rings, eyebrow rings or other facial jewelry.  

What is mediation?

   This is a process where both sides get together with a mediator and everyone attempts to resolve some or all of the issues.  Most counties require mediation in family law cases (divorce, custody, etc.).  You will not have to testify or present evidence and mediation is an easy process.  Make sure you have completed your financial affidavit in advance of mediation.  That form can be found below.  Usually, we don't have to meet to prepare for mediation.  You will have to pay the mediator for half his time in almost every situation.

Regarding Facebook and Social Media:

     Lawyers used to have to hire private investigators to get dirt on the other side, now they post it all for us to see.   Yes it can be used in court and you need to assume the other side can see what you post.   My preference is that you get rid of Facebook and other social media.  If you have to keep it, get rid of any post or picture that could be interpreted against you.  That cute picture of Uncle Earl pretending to give little Johnny a sip of beer is now used to show that your family are alcoholics and you can't parent correctly.  

Regarding email and passwords:

     If you were married to or dated the other side for any length of time, they know you.  They know your birthday, your mother's maiden name, and the name of your first pet.  Change all of your passwords and use something even they couldn't figure out.